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Inclusive Sports Demonstration Draws Cheers in Greece

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At the beginning of March in Athens, 84 athletes from special education institutions joined 84 Special Olympics Unified Partners for a demonstration of the Motor Activities Training Program. “People with severe, profound and multiple impairments, regularly, have far less opportunities to engage in sports activities than any other disability group, and they are usually are excluded from participation in sports, due to the high level of support required and the nature of their impairment,” said Joanna Despotopoulou, President, Special Olympics Hellas. “MATP covers this gap and gives our athletes the joy of participation in an environment of unity,” she added. The event was organized by Special Olympics Hellas in cooperation with the Institution for Children with Special Needs “Hara.” Unified Partners were students from the private school Doukas. More than 70 Special Olympics Hellas supported the event that was held at the DAIS Sports and Cultural Center. The center was filled with the cheers and applause of 800 students.

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Joanna Despotopoulou is President of Special Olympics Hellas.