International Womens Day

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Maria Teresa Leitao, belong to Special Olympics since 1996 , is an International Judge certified by the internacional Tennis Federation , has been Head of Delegation of SO Brazil and Tennis Head Coach of SO Brazil , Teresa is currently Sports Director of Special Olympics Brazil , thanks to Teresa have achieved important things in Latin America and in general for the Special Olympics movement , she was Director of 2 major universities in Sao Paulo , the PUC and ESEF and thanks to her in the Curricula of Teachers of these universities is required to view materials related to Special Olympics mainly in Special Physical Education. Since 3 years ago celebrated in universities the EKS day with sports and cultural activities , it is an activity that is already institutionalized. Also thanks to her perseverance was achieved in the training and seminrs of the Brazilian Tennis Confederation Coaches must necessarily see a module for Special Olympics coaching tuition. Belonged to EKS Fellowship and has been Technical Delegate Tennis Special Olympics World Summer Games Athens 2011, as well as Director of Tennis and member of the Organizing Committee of the Central American and Caribbean Games Costa Rica 2008 and Panama 2012, also in 2010 Latin American Games Puerto Rico. She was the main engine for the support of COSAT and COTEC regionally and was who devised and managed to achieve the realization of the Panamerican Tennis Tournament, performing the first University where she was Director in Junjai , Sao Paulo , Brazil . After that first tournament was the Sports Director of the following 4 Panamerican Tournaments.

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I am on the staff of Special Olympics in Latin America