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Local Unified Volleyball in Opolskie Region, Poland

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Unified Volleyball in Poland
On Tuesday, March 18, Special Olympics Opolskie Region from Poland organized the 2nd Unified Volleyball Tournament. 15 athletes and 15 partners, aged 14-23 from the local special and mainstream schools came together to demonstrate again the power of Unified Sports. For Jessika Barcik (15 years old) from Special Centre in Glogówek, it was the first official Volleyball Tournament: “I was so scared before this tournament. I was the only girl. But my coach encouraged me to join the team and take part in the competition”. After the final match Jessika said: “My teammates were great and I truly love unified volleyball!”

About Me:

I am a Unified Coach and a great enthusiast of volleyball. I work in the Special Centre in Głogówek, in the south-west of Poland.