Malawi addresses clean drinking water

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Contaminated water poses a serious health risk to families and causes gastrointestinal and stomach illnesses like nausea, vomiting, cramps and diarrhoea. In contrast, drinking clean water protects the body from disease, improves overall health and aids children in developing a healthy immune system. Special Olympics Malawi tackled the water sanitization issue head on during a Family Health Forum held in Salima and Nkhata Bay in the month of April. Family members that attended received water packs which serve as a more hygenic option for carrying water and are also more practical and comfortable than the less sanitary bucket system. The benefits of the water packs are numerous in that it helps women and children avoid the chronic pain and spinal injury caused by carrying heavy water jugs stop thier heads in the traditional fashion; the pack is 7 times lighter and 7 times smaller to store than a 20L capacity jerry cans and finally it is a much safer alternative to buckets and jerry cans. A Family member and district coordinator, Mr. Bernard Flezer, commended Special Olympics for the great contribution they have made to the community and expressed his gratitude on behalf of the community members and himself. This initiative is part of the programs Healthy Communities Project aimed at reducing health risks for the community and Special Olympics Malawi athletes in particular.

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