Mrs. Shriver was one classy lady

I had the supreme honor of having the opportunity to chat with Mrs. Shriver years ago when she made a presentation at Holy Family Church in Chicago. There was a reception afterwards and I went up and thanked her for having started Special Olympics. I explained I have both a brother and son who participate in Special Olympics in IL. She then started quizzing me on how things worked in IL, she wanted to make sure that the heats grouped those of similar abilities together so participants were able to feel good about themselves and about competing. I assured her not only was that accomplished but family members also felt enriched by the experience. She said thank you so much dear, it is meaningful to me to know that. She would have chatted longer but the priest that had accompanied her literally dragged her away. It was obvious she cared so much about everyone involved in Special Olympics.

About Me:

I am the parent of a 28 year old autistic young man who began participating in Special Olympics at the age of 9. I am also the guardian of my 57 year old brother who resides in a hone for the developmentally disabled in Springfield IL.