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One Step At A Time Morgan Bielick Changed Her Life

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Exercise, a healthy diet, lots of water, and plenty of sleep are the ingredients to a healthy and happy life. Special Olympics Team Haywood County athlete Morgan Bielick can tell you from personal experience the recipe is challenging but the results are well worth it. This determined Special Olympics Team North Carolina bocce athlete began her journey in January in preparation for the 2014 Special Olympics USA Games. Today, beaming with pride Morgan is proud to say she’s lost 24 pounds! Rain or shine she walks three miles every day of the week. For this athlete there are no excuses, when the weather is nice she walks outdoors and when it’s not so nice she takes on the indoor track! One of her favorite forms of exercise is hiking! Morgan has also been taking part in the President’s Active Lifestyle Challenge. She recently met her goal but plans to continue the challenge!

About Me:

I am the Special Olympics North Carolina communications intern. I really enjoyed talking with Morgan and wish her luck in the 2014 USA Games!