Poem: I am UNIQUE



I have courage, 

I am special 

I try my best to cope in life b'coz I am brave. 

Giving up is my enemy, 

and we never get in touch, 

Working hard to perfect my talent is my daily routine 

People tend to be rude coz of who I am, 

But who are they to judge me ? 

Sport is what boosts my laziness, 

Because of that I am strong and proud. 

They say I am not able, 

I am weak, 

 And most of all I am a "retard." 

I laugh and crack when they say that, 

B'coz no matter what, we all have our differences 

And are all disabled somehow, somewhere. 

 I can do what you cannot do and that’s why they call me Unique. 

I am willing to learn, no matter how long it takes 

B'coz I am patient and that I am not like any other person 

So do not judge me, nor compare me b'coz 

I am Unique. 

By Aguste Uutoni

About Me:

I am a unified partner for basketball. I am a learner st Delta high school in Windhoek. I have passion for working with people with I.D. I enjoyed myself at Camp Shriver.