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Botswana celebrates EKS Day with Sports

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Special Olympics Botswana invited a number of media houses to cover their Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day events. National director Mr. Ross Tebele went onto the ENOLE nation-wide sports show to educate people about Mrs. Shriver and the Special Olympics Movement. DUMA FM one of Botswana’s popular radio stations also interviewed Mr. Tebele. 

The event itself took place in the South central region. 545 athletes participated in athletics, walks, long and short distance running and long jumping. This event not only celebrated our founder but was also in preparation for divisioning for national games to be held later. 

The Young Athletes participated in a beauty pageant which was a perfect way to raise funds and include them in the activities of the day. One of the athletes was determined not to miss the event; “My mom asked me not to come to the games and I profusely refused, telling her that there is just no way I can remain behind and miss these games which we have worked hard to prepare for. “

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