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Special Olympics Europe-Eurasia at UNESCO Youth Forum Paris

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Bettina Lehmann, SOEE Youth Advisor at UNESCO Youth Forum Paris 2013
UNESCO Youth Forum took place between October 29 – 31 2013 in Paris. Bettina Lehmann, Special Olympics Europe/Eurasia Youth Advisor took part in the Forum. The theme of the meeting was “Youth and Social Inclusion: Civic Engagement, Dialogue and Skills Development”. Young people from around the whole world were submitting recommendations on the UNESCO Operational Strategy on Youth 2014-2021 including areas such as policy formulation and review with the participation of youth. Bettina served as a youth observer from Special Olympics Europe/Eurasia making sure that the recommendations embrace inclusive opportunities for young people with and without intellectual disabilities.

About Me:

I am Regional Youth Advisor for Special Olympics Europe/Eurasia. I am also Unified Partner for Unified Volleyball team in Wilhelmsdorf in Germany.