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Special Olympics Israel - Unified League - Pairs

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The I.B.F players and Special Olympics athlete warming up before the beginning of the games
The first round of the Unified League was held on Friday, February 21, 2014. Unified League is a special and unique project that kicked off activities a few weeks ago, in the wake of a cooperation agreement signed between the Israel Bowling Association and Special Olympics Israel. The League will be held once a month until July, and will continue after the summer holidays with additional athletes and players who want to join in the activities. 24 Special Olympics Athletes and 24 Players from 5 clubs of Israel Bowling Federation came from far and wide to the competition held at the Petach Tikva Bowling Center. The Bowling Association players and the Special Olympics athletes played together in a pair format, two pairs on each lane. In each League round, each pair will be allocated to a lane with another pair, which will provide an opportunity for all the participants, from all over the country, to get to know one another. Furthermore, the Club players coach the Special Olympics athletes on a weekly basis, outside of the League competition (each pair at its home club), in order to advance the Athletes, both from a professional aspect as well as from the social aspect (such as: Collaborating as a pair during the game, etc.).

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