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Special Olympics Kenya athletes form an input council

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In Nairobi, Kenya, 9 athletes and 5 mentors from 5 regions participated in a 2-day Athlete Leadership Program workshop to prepare athletes to form an Athlete Input Council in the country. The training also included facilitators who will help guide, structure and grow athlete’s ideas. The workshop was opened by the National Director of Special Olympics Kenya, Mr. John Makhatimo, who welcomed the participants. He urged the athletes to be proactive in fully utilizing this opportunity to be part of the council and become decision makers for athletes in the country. The objective of the training was to provide Athlete Leadership Program skills and to ensure the participants understood their roles as leaders and those of athlete representatives. Athletes were also introduced to the ideology and purpose of an Athlete Input Council. The role of the Athlete Input Council is to give Athletes a platform to give and provide feedback on topics pertinent to their program.

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