Summer Camp and Health Forum in Senegal

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Special Olympics Senegal celebrated Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day by hosting two events, a Unified® Summer Camp, and Family Health Forum. The Unified Summer Camp was held at the Biological Farm, outside Dakar. Children between the ages of 10 - 25, 27 athletes and 20 partners attended, under the supervision of the Director of Educational Communities, 2 specialized teachers, 6 monitors and 4 coaches. Some fun activities at the camp where visiting the tortoise village and visiting the farm to have freshly squeezed milk. This the first Unified® Summer Camp organised Special Olympics Senegal  that brought together athletes and partners in an inclusive set up . The event would not have been possible without sponsorship from ACEP and an individual donor. This event was followed by a Family Health Forum that discussed Pathology associated with down syndrome. This forum was hosted at the De Formaton De La Ville Centre in Dakar was attended by a total of 106 people that included families, athletes, volunteers, board members, press, doctors, Lions Club representatives, specialized schools directors and partners. With expert speakers such as the Head of Department of Paediatrics and Genetics at Hospital Fann, Pr. Haby Sy , Cardiologist, Dr. Kadia Regnault and psychiatrist DR. Idrissa Ba the event was very informative for attendees. The doctors, in turn, were impressed with the high level information that Special Olympics shares with the family members and decided to their patients to Special Olympics Senegal. Parents seized the opportunity of a cardiologist being present and took their children for cardiology and genetic screening.  

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