Stephen meeting Eunice Kennedy Shriver

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Stephen and Terri meeting Mrs. Shriver
We are from Indiana, my son was picked to go to the first National Special Olympics held in Ames, Iowa. He got to participate in MATP. My husband and I were sitting in the stadium for opening ceremonies, Mrs. Shriver was introduced, and the crowd waited. I believe she was introduced 3 times before she finally made her entrance. Later I found out why they had to keep introducing her, she was outside meeting and talking with the athletes. I was amazed that she would take the time to do that knowing so many people were waiting inside for her. I was shocked and thrilled to find out my son was one of the athletes that got to meet and speak with this incredible lady. Lucky for us someone was right there with a camera. What a great way to start a week of memories. We are so thankful for the opportunities that Special Olympics has given my son. And for one brief moment my son got to meet the woman responsible for greatness!

About Me:

I am your typical Midwesterner. I am a wife, mother, and recently a grandmother. I have met some amazing and inspiring people thru Special Olympics. I want what most people want, for their child to be accepted for who they are. I want to focus on the ability not the disability.