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Table tennis and FUNfitness go hand-in-hand in Croatia

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Volunteer uses handgrip dynamometer to measure hand strength of an athlete.
Special Olympics Croatia and the Sports Association for People with Intellectual Disabilities "Veliko srce" (“Big Heart”) Koprivnica organized the third Croatian table tennis championship for people with intellectual disabilities on 5 December 2013. Sixty-nine athletes from 22 centers and associations took part in the event that was held in the sports hall of a middle school in Koprivnica. A Healthy Athletes FUNfitness screening was also held with 56 athletes screened. The screening was led by Željko Libjak, Clinical Director, with support from physical therapist Tihomir Prusina and a team of 21 students from the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb. Opening Ceremonies included welcome words by the deputy perfect of Koprivnica–Križevci county Ivan Pal and deputy mayor Melita Samoborec. Singers from a seniors club and dancers from a local studio provided the entertainment. There was great support from Podravska Inc. which provided gift bags and quality food products to participants.

About Me:

Franjo Horvat is national director of Special Olympics Croatia.