Team Italy's Cassanova

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Davide always tries to give the best of himself. People who know him well tell that his strength is he is so sociable and that he is always willing to entertain. He is jokingly referred to as “the poster-boy” because he is blond, blue-eyed and he loves to make friendship with anybody. He has a lot of friends and girlfriends conquered by his spontaneous good nature. Davide works in a municipality swimming-pool helping in cleaning. He loves sports, and skiing and football are his real passion. He does not like running, he prefers to be a goalkeeper, this way he also can wear his gloves of which he is very proud. Davide has been selected for the WWG, Korea 2013, and he is very happy to be there. He can’t hide his excitement at the idea of meeting lots of new friends coming from other countries. For Davide, inclusion is not an aspiration but a natural consequence because of the kind of warm open person he is.

About Me:

I work in Public Relations and Marketing for Team Italy.


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