The Importance of Mrs. Shriver!!!

Many years ago my daughter was competing in Summer Games at the University of Maryland for aquatics. I was sitting in the stands with the athletes waiting for them to be staged when I saw Mrs. Shriver across the pool greeting the swimmers as the completed their races. I looked at the athletes and said, "Do you see that beautiful women in the yellow pants? She is the reason you are here today!" No reply. "Ok her daughter is on TV. She is Maria Shriver!" No reply. "OK her son in law is in the movies...he's the Terminator!" All of a sudden they got so excited about seeing her!! I had the honor of meeting Mrs. Shriver in the hallway afterwards and told her the story. Her reply with a big smile on her face was, "I really am important aren't I?" We both laughed and I hugged her and thanked her for all she has done for my daughter and all the athletes!!! It was a special day!

About Me:

My daughter, Tammy has had the honor of being a Special Olympic athlete for 19 years. I volunteer and coach bowling or our county.