The missing words

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When I was in elementary growing up was hard as a person with a disability. I am hard of hearing and had no hearing aids until I got into the seventh grade middle school, so a lot of kids in school would tease me because I would misunderstand a lot of what they were saying to me or I would take it the wrong way. Sometimes I would walk into traffic and feel like I would get killed, like I was not paying attention. Since I have my own personal hearing aids, they really help me out to become a better person and understand what other people are going through and what they are saying to me. I can have better conversations even though I have missed out on a lot because of my hearing. Thank you for whoever invented hearing aids, they changed my life for the better and now I can hear. I don't let kids or anybody else take advantage of me in my hearing as a person who is hard of hearing. You don't know what you are missing until you have hearing aids.

About Me:

I have been in Special Olympics for 17 years, I have a lot of different types of disabilities in me especially with hard of hearing as one of them. My love of sports will never stop me from my disability use in so many ways, because being in these sports help me esprits myself and be the kind of person that I want to be in my life. Other people expect me for who I am inside and I love people who can help make a difference in the way they expect me for my disability. Being with other disability people like myself to and not just in Special Olympics sports are also a way to make friends and be with your own kind is like a family in way, knowing disability people care and know it's hard to make friends to the people that don't have disabilities. Disability people are easy to get a long with and want to be expected for there wants and needs just like everybody else. I feel extremely expected for my wants and needs as a disability people and I thank you for those who take the time to care.