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The sun never sets on Special Olympics Hellas (Greece)

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More than 400 people celebrated the 27th anniversary of SO Hellas.
Special Olympics Hellas celebrated its 27th anniversary together with athletes, family members, coaches, volunteers and government officials on 14 February 2014. “There can be little doubt that the political and economic struggles of Greece have created deep and painful wounds. Millions of Greeks are suffering and the crisis is far from over,” said Joanna Despotopoulou, President, Special Olympics Hellas. She went on to say that “Greece did not fail the athletes of Special Olympics and the athletes of Special Olympics did not fail Greece. In fact, Special Olympics athletes have given Greece perhaps the greatest gift: hope itself.” The celebration attracted more than 400 people to a local café near the Special Olympics Hellas offices. Among the invited guests were government officials Mr. Ioannis Panayiopopoulos, Secretary General for Mass Media, and Mrs. Antonia Zafeiropoulou, Director, Sports for All, Ministry of Culture and Sports. The anniversary was covered by major dailies.

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Joanna Despotopoulou is president of Special Olympics Hellas.