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“Wellness Wednesday” Infuses Health Into Special Olympics' Social Communities

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Join the thousands who already are activating Special Olympics’ health education through their social networks as part of “Wellness Wednesday.” Replicating a practice Special Olympics Wisconsin - one of the 14 Special Olympics Healthy Communities – began earlier this year, Special Olympics International (SOI) is infusing health-focused messaging and education into its primary social media accounts each week. Each “Wellness Wednesday” message features an applicable health tip, a story or an event related to Healthy Athletes or Healthy Communities.

Stay connected with our global health efforts, increase your health understanding through “Wellness Wednesday” on SOI's Facebook and Twitter accounts, and share this information through your social networks. With Special Olympics’ vital role as the largest global public health organization specifically for people with intellectual disabilities, there continues to be much to share, to discuss and to activate, and your help is needed.

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