World Games 2003

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My dad and I with Mrs. Eunice Kennedy Schiver June 2003
My dad was one of the athletes to represent team USA and I got to go with my grandma and uncle. When we was coming out of a shoe store at mall in Dublin, Ireland and my dad and I got to meet Eunice Kendendy Shiver while we was there and it was really cool. I was really glad to meet her and thank her for starting Special Olympics!!!! She had a bunch of security around her too.

About Me:

I started out in Special Olympics all my life because my parents played. I have been playing all kinds of sports. I have won athlete of the year twice for our county and for area 2 I have won it once. I really enjoy playing Special Olympics and I'm 19 years and doing Unified Volleyball now. I particatate in basketball, softball, track and field, unified volleyball, volleyball, and corn toss .