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Young Reut Resident Tops Israeli Youth Bowling

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My son 14 and a half years old Eyal Damari is perhaps the most promising youth bowler in Israel. Eyal is a Special Olympics player. Eyal has been bowling for almost as long as he has been able to walk and hold a bowling ball. The devout fan of PBA (Professional Bowlers Association) champ Jason Belmonte, an Australian two-handed bowler who has been dominating the lanes around the World, has been dominating the lanes in Israel. In the National Youth League, Eyal is leading all 15 bowlers with a season-high average of 161.02 through 11 sessions (44 games) this season. His team was in first place out of 24 teams in the Special Olympics Unified League in Israel in the 2013-14 season. The Unified League pairs of a Special Olympics bowler player with an adult bowler player from the ISRAEL BOWLING FEDERATION. . In the Israel Under-19 Championship tournament, Eyal made it to the semi-finals, rolling a 194 in the first game and finishing in 9th place overall.

About Me:

Damary amnon I am 56 years old married and have 3 kids 2 of them in the I.D.F I am working in I.A.I since I retired from the AIR FORCE I love to play bowling .my son Eyal study in modiien "gvanim" high school A school for special education and special needs students and all the time I am telling to my son don’t give up that’s why I teach to play bowling since he was 6 years old .