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Special Olympics athlete MerceDes Gutierrez

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Padre e hija
When she was born, because she had struggled getting enough oxygen at birth, my daughter Meche had delayed development that we did not realize until she was 2 years old. Teachers taught her to speak in sign language, but because of her brain injury, she could not learn all the words in sign language. She began attending a school for people with disabilities and there began to play sports. She started with athletics and then moved on to bocce, and she has had many successes in sport. Now she has become very independent thanks to the discipline of sports. Meche is very sociable and her dream is to have children. Her mother died of cancer when I was 35. Now, as her father, I am her only parent. It is an honor for me to be the father of Meche.

About Me:

Proud father of an athlete with an intellectual disability