the best in people

You know everyone has a Special Olympics moment. Mine happened to be last year where I returned to the track at OSU for the summer games. The reason I had to step away from track is because of my back pains. It hurts so much sometimes to the point where I almost black out but last year at OSU, I won the gold and that was my most remarkable victory at OSU. The best in people doesn't mean to just go to state one year and win the gold then retire, no, no, you must keep your head held high and keep going untill you reach that dream of being the best you can be. This year in 2013 win or lose this will be my offical dream to get to go for my 14th year. I know, right, 14 years of doing this stuff. I love this stuff even though there may be moments where I'm like, omg, I quit, I can't do this. But then I sit myself down and pray to Jesus and I believe that after I say amen that I say to myself, let's get out there and let's do this as a team and say sorry for my mistakes. That is what you got to do 2 win.

About Me:

Well I am an athlete that sometimes doesn't know what he's doing but I do think that with my story that it will touch a lot of hearts. I'm part of the Springboro Special Olympics. I was 8 then, now I'm 20.