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  • with a mental disability i became every thing i wanted to be. i also have a nervise condition it has not been easy but i made it.

with a mental disability i became every thing i wanted to be

I was born with a learning disability and a nervous condition. my hair would not grow so I was teased a lot in school. it was hard for me to keep up with the other children in class. I was just slow. the teacher just passed me on to the next class to get rid of me. I remember my first day of school the children built blocks around me and I urinated on my self. my teacher mrs. myers always read stories to us and did flannel board stories. I loved them because I could go into them and get away from reality. I loved art I could be who I wanted to be. that's why I love Disneyland. it's fantasy. the real would is so mean. well the people can be any way. I've had teachers to embarrass me even as an adult, oh by the way I'm 55 years old.

About Me:

My name is Mrs. Cynthia Lanell Pitts I am 55 years with a disability and a illness called doom terra it's one of the worse anxiety's I had to retire as a preschool teacher, and now I write children books I don't have biological children but I have a step daughter and a niece that I raised from a baby. now I'm going to adopt a child with special needs.