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Tim Shriver put it best: "If you look at her brothers and sisters and all that they accomplished, no one will stand any higher than my mother."
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Eunice knew, that to a large extent, presidents, premiers and popes set the agenda for their followers. If you get to the head, you get to the heart.
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Eunice strongly encouraged her children to learn and take the most from any activity; all the while reminding them of their responsibility to make a difference and contribute to the world.
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He helped build peace by developing and implementing programs and policies structured to promote long-term, cumulative, peaceable change.
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Early on, Eunice recognized the need for a platform to reach the larger public and mobilize people of influence around the movement.
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Changing the world: Eunice Kennedy Shriver's efforts to help people with disabilities circles the globe. NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams July 7, 2006.
A fast-paced overview of Eunice's life and pioneering accomplishments, told by her family, a Special Olympics athlete and Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela.
In 1999, Eunice won the Juanita Kreps Award, and this moving profile of her life, as told by Eunice, Sargent Shriver and others, was prepared for the occasion.
Tom Brokaw narrates this Tribute to Sargent Robert Shriver.
Olympic skier Billy Kidd recalls skiing with Eunice and being impressed by her unusually strong focus and persistence, qualities that solved seemingly unsolvable problems.
Jack McCallum, who wrote the feature profile on Eunice in Sports Illustrated magazine, recalls the transformative impact of Special Olympics over the years.
With persuasion, persistence and her unique personality, Eunice made change happen where it was least expected, says Jamie Kirkpatrick.