Partners of the Movement


Hasbro has partnered with Special Olympics since 2016 in support of global youth programming and the goal of building a kinder world where all kids are included.
Hasbro Lead

Be Fearless Be Kind

Hasbro and The Hasbro Children’s Fund became a Special Olympics global partner in 2016, as part of BE FEARLESS BE KIND, the company’s largest philanthropic initiative, which empowers kids to develop compassion and empathy. Its call to action is simple: stand up, include everyone, and take action when you see a problem. Parents, educators and caregivers can visit BE FEARLESS BE KIND to access tools and resources to help teach kids empathy and different ways to put empathy into action.

Support for Unified Champion Schools

Hasbro has been involved in the Special Olympics movement for years through local support in Rhode Island and expanded its support globally in 2016 to include grant funding for 11 Programs in eight countries around the world including four states in the United States. Hasbro’s support will help Special Olympics grow its Unified Schools programming into new schools contributing to Special Olympics’ strategic goal of increasing access to Unified Sports in schools. Additionally, in the United States, Hasbro will be awarding Be Fearless Be Kind Awards to students who are leading inclusion efforts in their schools and exemplify empathy, compassion, and courage.