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Olympic skier Billy Kidd recalls skiing with Eunice and being impressed by her unusually strong focus and persistence, qualities that solved seemingly unsolvable problems.
Tom Brokaw narrates this Tribute to Sargent Robert Shriver.
In 1999, Eunice won the Juanita Kreps Award, and this moving profile of her life, as told by Eunice, Sargent Shriver and others, was prepared for the occasion.
A fast-paced overview of Eunice's life and pioneering accomplishments, told by her family, a Special Olympics athlete and Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela.
Changing the world: Eunice Kennedy Shriver's efforts to help people with disabilities circles the globe. NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams July 7, 2006.
A short film about U.S. President John F. Kennedy's fight for people with intellectual disabilities
In her swimming pool, Eunice learned about guts, courage, change and commitment, lessons provided by the intellectually challenged athletes she invited.
Special Olympics is a sports organization, first and foremost, and needs to remain that, Eunice says. "Sports is a great oracle for our friends."
In the days before Special Olympics, children with intellectual disabilities in the United States were systematically excluded, Eunice says. Today, things are better though challenges remain.
A Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist examines the life and times of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, arguing she left behind the Kennedy family’s most profound political legacy.
People with intellectual disabilities are society's most neglected population. Nearly 200 million people, or three percent of the world's population, have an intellectual disability, making it the largest disability population in the world.
A short film about the 1968 Special Olympics Games in Chicago, the event that launched the worldwide Special Olympics movement, narrated by U.S. Olympic decathlon champion Rafer Johnson.SHOW MORE