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The fact that through sports they can realize their potential for growth.
2 Min Read
The establishment of Special Olympics in 1968
1 Min Read
You hear a lot today about the sacrifices parents make so their children can participate in sports. Most of the tales are about driving kids to practices and games three times a week and sacrificing restaurant dinners and vacations to buy them the best-quality equipment and instruction.
2 Min Read
Those who have witnessed Special Olympics know first-hand that at its core it is about competition and sport. Eunice makes sure of that.
1 Min Read
At the heart of Eunice's relationships with the athletes is her belief that people with intellectual disabilities are no less worthy of our love, our help, our respect, and our friendship.
2 Min Read
Eunice Kennedy Shriver dedicated herself to the cause of intellectual disability early on, at a time when the nation didn't devote a second's thought to people with intellectual disabilities, some thought they should be locked up in dark rooms and some were frightened and intimidated by them. But mostly, nobody cared.
4 Min Read
How the Kennedy family's experience spurred the fight against a widely misunderstood diagnosis.
22 Min Read
Sports Illustrated honored Eunice Kennedy Shriver with the first Sportsman of the Year Legacy Award. Read about how she changed the world for people with intellectual disabilities—through sports.
10 Min Read
The New York Cosmos soccer team found playing with Special Olympics athletes to be an eye-opener, said soccer star Werner Roth. She was "always inspiring"he said of Eunice.
The Arthur Ashe Foundation praises Eunice for introducing a new word to the vocabulary of parents of children with intellectual disability: hope.
With persuasion, persistence and her unique personality, Eunice made change happen where it was least expected, says Jamie Kirkpatrick.
Jack McCallum, who wrote the feature profile on Eunice in Sports Illustrated magazine, recalls the transformative impact of Special Olympics over the years.