Huge interest in volunteering at World Winter Games Sweden 2021

Public interest in volunteering at the Special Olympics World Winter Games Sweden 2021 is growing every day.
A woman stands at the centre of the photo with her arm open pointing towards a queue system. A group of people in bibs are standing at red desks waiting to serve.

The Special Olympics World Winter Games Sweden 2021 website launched during the World Summer Games in Abu Dhabi. Within a few weeks, more than 300 people had expressed their interest in volunteering at the Winter Games. Since then, the number has increased to almost 500!

"This is something much more than just an ordinary sports event," says Karin Riddar, Head of Operations for the Games.

In addition to those who have registered, many people have contacted the local organizing committee (LOC) by e-mail, phone and in person to find out more about the Games. "It feels very promising," says Karin Riddar. "We still have a lot of work to do and these questions from the public are our highest priority."

A group of people stand around smiling and clapping as a man lights the candles on a large rectangular cake with the words '20,000 volunteers' on it.
Volunteers celebrate together at the Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019.

The Special Olympics World Winter Games will be made possible through the help of dedicated volunteers who will give up their time before, during and after the competitions. The Games offer a huge variety of tasks, including roles in areas such as sports, language, delegation support, guest services and more.

"Our ambition is to get as many people as possible to join us on this journey. Creating a community of volunteers is a good way to get more people involved in the movement, and we hope to have between 2,500 and 3,000 regional, national and international volunteers at the World Winter Games," says Karin Riddar.

"Being part of the Special Olympics family is a unique experience that creates happiness and last-longing memories for everyone participating. It’s not only the experience of a lifetime, it’s also an opportunity to make the world a better place," concludes Karin Riddar.

Would you like to volunteer at the Special Olympics World Winter Games in Sweden 2021 and/or the Invitational Games in 2020? Click here to register your interest.

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