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Three Artists Win First Stage of World Winter Games Kazan 2022 Logo Design Contest

Three finalist logos side by side.

As the second and final stage of the Special Olympics World Winter Games Kazan 2022 logo contest kicks off, three ideas proposed by the first stage winners will be used as blueprints to create the final emblem. Igor Gorelyshev (Moscow), Valery Sazonov (Samara) and Nyaz Hayrullin (Kazan) submitted the winning ideas and will share the prize money equally. In phase one, Russian citizens were invited to design and submit a logo representing sport, inclusion and Russian culture.

Additionally, an entry by Alexander Gustyakov (Vladimir Oblast) who lives in a group home for people with intellectual disabilities received a special award for his submission. “My moto is ‘I’ll do it!’” Alexander wrote in his application, “I wanted to express my love to Special Olympics through my idea and thank them for their support in raising interest to sports among people with intellectual disabilities. This helps to overcome life challenges, strive for victory.”

Alexander Gustyakov on the left standing in front of a Special Olympics Poccuu flag and holding an image of his logo; a larger image of his logo is on the right.
Alexander Gustyakov, an artist with an intellectual disability, submitted a logo design that received special recognition.

“The works we received are made to a very high standard,” says Olga Slutsker, Chairperson of the Board of Special Olympics Russia. “My colleagues of the contest commission, experts at their field, confirm this. When assessing the works, we understood that the image we were choosing would become the base element of the Games’ visual universe, a universe that would tell about Special Olympics, their values, the host city and country. It was not easy to choose the winner, and we determined the three best ideas, in our opinion.”

The second stage of the contest will engage professionals including design bureaus, agencies and studios who will work on the visual image. Their challenge is to formulate a concept of a visual identity for the future Games based on the winning ideas at the logo design contest. Entrants should develop unique visual solutions for a set of elements—a logo, a mascot, corporate identity elements, visual image adaptation options for merchandise, outdoor advertising, city and Games venue designs and uniforms. The winner will be chosen on 10 November 2020.

The Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation in cooperation with Special Olympics Russia initiated the all-Russian contest for designing the logo of the Special Olympics World Winter Games Kazan 2022. The Directorate for Sports and Social Projects acts as the organizer of the contest. The winner will be granted the right to sign an agreement to develop an expanded version of the brand book for the World Winter Games in Kazan, which will highlight a complete list of required visual materials for the Games, as well as visual solutions for special projects as part of the Games preparation program including test events, Special Olympics torch relay and more.

The contest commission includes Anton Belov, Director of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art; Dmitry Barbanel, a Russian designer and creative director; Alexander Lavrentyev, laureate of the State Prize of Russia in the field of education and member of the National Design Academy; Tatyana Baranova, World Games Ambassador and athlete of Special Olympics Russia; as well as representatives of the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Sport of the Republic of Tatarstan. The commission is headed by Olga Slutsker, President of Special Olympics Russia.

Detailed information and entry terms and conditions are available on

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