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Kiera Byland, 2023 Global Athlete Congress Participant

Kiera Byland

2023 Global Athlete Congress Participant

Kiera Byland is an athlete from Special Olympics Great Britain in the Europe Eurasia Region. Kiera participates in equine (horse riding) and swimming. She has been involved in Special Olympics since 2014.

Kiera’s favorite parts about Special Olympics are making new friends and memories. Kiera also enjoys having the chance to challenge herself every day. She appreciates the opportunity to work with different athletes, athlete leaders, Special Olympics staff, and volunteers, as well as learn new skills.

Kiera is excited for the congress in Berlin. She is looking forward to learning new skills, meeting new people, and getting the opportunity to work again with people she has known for years. She is also excited to represent her region again and to be a positive role model and inspiration for the next generation of athletes and athlete leaders coming through Special Olympics.

Kiera is employed as an athlete leader consultant with Special Olympics International. Kiera is also a level 2 British cycling coach where she teaches at a disability and mainstream cycle club. She is also level 2 swimming teacher and has her own classes.

Kiera says that being an athlete leader means that she can be a voice for athletes and help them translate their thoughts and opinions to others. She tries to ensure that they are listened to, and their ideas are considered. Being an athlete leader also means that Kiera can be a positive role model and inspire the next generation that are coming through Special Olympics.

Project Description

Kiera’s grant plan is to teach Special Olympics athletes and leaders the Do’s and Don’t’s of media and social media through two workshops. They will include “safeguarding”, being safe in online friendships among other topics. The workshops will enable comparative data to be collected in readiness for the Special Olympics World Games. Special Olympics athletes have amazing stories to share, they just need guidelines and the right platform. This project aims to increase athlete confidence, self-esteem, and number of athlete leaders.

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