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Manuel Wehner, 2023 Global Athlete Congress Participant

Manuel Wehner

2023 Global Athlete Congress Participant

Manuel Wehner is an athlete from Special Olympics Germany in the Europe Eurasia Region. Manuel participates in soccer, athletics, and cross-country skiing. He has been involved in Special Olympics since 2018.

Manuel’s favorite parts about Special Olympics are athlete congress and being a volunteer for the world games.

Manuel is looking forward to the congress in Berlin. He is excited for everything related to the world games. He is looking forward to meeting all the athletes and volunteers. He is also excited and looking forward to the opening and closing ceremonies.

Manuel is employed at an inclusive coffee shop. It is a job that he loves. He does everything that comes up at the coffee shop.

When Manuel isn’t working or competing, he does a lot with his family including playing sports with them. Manuel also loves spending time in nature.

Manuel says that being an athlete leader and speaker is exactly what he always wanted to do and now he’s found it. He appreciates helping other people with disabilities and having a sympathetic ear for them. Manuel also enjoys raising public awareness of people with disabilities and their interests which allows them to represent themselves. Manuel says that being an athlete leader means a lot to him.

Project Description

Manuel’s grant plan is to engage consultants who will conduct a two-day training program that will improve athletes’ leadership skills. He also hopes that the program will increase the number of athlete leaders in meaningful roles in Special Olympics. Manuel plans to increase awareness through a monthly podcast and an inclusive health festival with trained athletes in leadership roles.

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