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Looking for inspiration? Our Youth Leaders have designed and completed over 580 projects around the world, involving everything from sports to advocacy to art. Explore the project profiles to see how young people are transforming the world to be more inclusive, one community at a time.


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Oussama and Taha are helping Special Olympics athletes learn the skills needed to use common digital platforms.
Zahraa and Haya are supporting Special Olympics athletes and Youth Leaders by helping them create content and expand their reach on social media.
Sibling Youth Leaders Nadeem and Ashrakat are spreading inclusion by leading workshops for school students and other members of their community.
Jianyu is working to spread inclusion through Unified music and arts activities.
Mina and Min Woo strive to demolish hurtful stigmas and show that individuals with intellectual disabilities are extremely capable and able to succeed.
Man In and Wai Meng will foster new friendships between students with and without intellectual disabilities through creating shared experiences and understanding.
Kwon and Dahye are bringing young people together for Unified bike rides.
Yeruult and Araijan's project will provide Special Olympics athletes and their families with practical skills for using digital technology.
Edna and Clenira are working to create "Digital Accessibility for All" through providing technology and training to students in Cape Verde.
Saraha will improve digital access in schools through providing technology and ideas for inclusive educational activities.
Bafokeng will encourage members of his community to get involved with inclusive activities through Special Olympics.
Musa and Omar are promoting digital accessibility through leading a graphic design workshop for Special Olympics athletes.

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