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Find the names, titles, email address and other information for leaders at Special Olympics.
Special Olympics
1133 19th Street NW
Washington, DC 20036-3604 USA
+1 202-628-3630
+1 800-700-8585
+1 202-824-0200 (Fax)

See email addresses for departments below
Donor Services / Donor Communication Preferences
For information on jobs and internships at Special Olympics, go to our professional opportunities page
Press / Communications
Jason Teitler
SVP, Global Communications and Brand Lead, Marketing and Development
+ 1 202-824-0290
Health Communications
Lilia Carasciuc
Director, Global Health Communications
Research and Evaluation
Kiki Martin
Coordinator, Research & Evaluation
Athlete Leadership
Brandon Schatsiek
Manager, Athlete Leadership Development
+1 202-628-3630
Unified & Sports
Brittany Pair
Administrative Assistant, Sport & Health
+1 202-715-6402
Healthy Athletes
Anne D. Williams, DNP, MS, RN
Vice President, Health Service & Education
Schools and Youth
Haylie Bernacki Griffeth
Senior Manager, Youth Engagement
+1 202-824-0215
Strategic Gifts
Meghan Meyers
Director, Major Gifts, Strategic Gifts
+1 248-396-3966
Corporate Partnerships
Chad Jones
Vice President, Business Development
+1 202-715-1145
Young Athletes
Rebecca Ralston
Senior Director, Early Childhood
+1 202-824-0212
Jennifer Pittman
Manager, Healthy Families
Leadership Academy
Svetlana Fenichel
Senior Manager, Organizational Excellence
+1 202-628-3630
Young athletes running; Get Involved with your Special Olympics program banner
Special Olympics offers many ways to take part. There are short-term and long-term volunteer opportunities, the option of playing Unified Sports and to become a Special Olympics athlete.
Program and Region Office Contacts
Romi Reinecke
Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications
+27 11 706 3323
Asia Pacific
Genevieve Jiang
Director of Communications
+65 6871 4922
East Asia
Cherry Ye
Marketing & Development
+86 21 6248 2020 x 816
Europe Eurasia
Fiona Hynes
Head of Communications
+353 87 134-2820
Middle East-North Africa
Ayman Wahab
Regional President & Managing Director
+ 20 2 345 5510
+ 20 2 345 5510
Latin America
Claudia Echeverry
Regional President and Managing Director
+507 214-4500
North America
Lynn Idaszak
Internal Communications and Operations Manager
+1 919-785-0699