Special Olympics has competitions, programs and initiatives all around the world, every day of the year. Here's a look at what it's all about.
World Health Day Video   Special Olympics Europe Eurasia
To all the healthcare professionals working tirelessly at the front line of the #COVID19 crisis, we salute you, we applaud you, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! #WorldHealthDay2020
World Health Day
Special Olympics athletes from around the world thank our healthcare workers for their tireless efforts to keep us all safe!
Hillary Kern Fitness
Special Olympics athlete Hillary Kern knows a lot about health and fitness. In her role as a Health Messenger, she is all about empowering people with intellectual disabilities—and everyone—to lead healthier lives.
Joyce’s Story
In Africa and elsewhere, Special Olympics conducts crucial outreach to help spread understanding about people with intellectual disabilities. This overcomes harsh stigma and brings new awareness among caregivers and others working with this vulnerable population. Here's just a glimpse into how this has brought new hope to Joyce, a young girl in Uganda.
"It's Fantastic!"
Dr. Veenu Seth was introduced to inclusive health through her volunteer work in nutrition education and health promotion in the Asia-Pacific region. She saw its power among students with disabilities in India. She was amazed by the difference it makes!
Coach Mark Turgeon
University of Maryland College Park, men’s head basketball coach, Mark Turgeon has a passion for helping Special Olympics athletes stay fit through the game of basketball
MUST WATCH!! Motivational Speech 1% Better - Chris Nikic
Chris Nikic speech on his 1% philosophy given at the HMH National Sales Conference in 2019.
Fall Out 2   Chelseas Scene
Chelsea Werner, a gymnast and model with Down syndrome, has a significant role in Fall Out 2 – You Got This! demonstrating both her leadership and athletic abilities as a coach assistant. She is seen encouraging team members, doing flip dismounts off the beam and back flip tumbling passes on the mat.
Crowd of people in a stadium.
People with intellectual disabilities die 16 years earlier on average than those without. Together, we can change this by achieving #InclusiveHealth. Sign your name & join our fight for healthcare inclusion.
Female and male adults standing side by side giving a thumbs up.
People with intellectual disabilities are among the most medically underserved in the world today. Their exclusion from mainstream health systems is creating serious health disparities. Join Special Olympics in achieving inclusive health for all!