Special Olympics has competitions, programs and initiatives all around the world, every day of the year. Here's a look at what it's all about.
Illustration of the four pillars of health: Physical (runner illustration); Nutritional (apple with a bit out of it); Social (illustration of three people with the middle illustrations arms outstretched); Emotional (heart) Illustrations are on a colorful SO fit background.
Nell Coonen-Korte had no idea her passion for sport would inspire the creation of a global inclusive fitness model.
In the 1990s, Dr. Steve Perlman and Eunice Kennedy Shriver met to discuss the lack of access to health care for people with intellectual disabilities, who were often denied treatment.
2017 Golisano Global Health Leadership Award Honoree: Universidad Cientifica del Sur (FCS)
Universidad Cientifica del Sur – Escuela de Estomatología (FCS) is one of seven honorees of the 2017 Golisano Global Health Leadership Award. The university works in partnership with Special Olympics Peru.
video capture of logos and art work created by la casa de carlota a design studio in Barceloa; designers at la casa de carlota have ID.
La Casa de Carlota is a Barcelona-based design studio that hires artists with and without intellectual disabilities to create unique and innovative designs for products and services.
Jamaal Charles: Special Olympics alum
Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles competed in Special Olympics track and field competitions as a child: "Special Olympics gave me the first chance to discover a talent I didn't know I had."