Candy Wong, Special Olympics Global Athlete Leadership Council

Candy Wong

Global Athlete Leadership Council

Candy Wong is 21 years old and is from Special Olympics Hong Kong. She is currently a member of the Special Olympics East Asia Youth Digital Engagement Committee enabling her to discuss with other youths, with and without intellectual disabilities, the tools and methods to keep promoting Special Olympics through digital and creative ways.

Candy participated in Special Olympics in 2011 for the first time. She started as a speed skating athlete and earned one silver and one bronze at the 2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games in Austria. Though she is a fast learner, she has always been humble to others’ opinions so that she can continuously improve herself. Apart from her sports achievement, she also has been an athlete leader since 2014 and was selected to be a Special Olympics East Asia Regional Messenger for 2016-2017. As an athlete leader, she takes every valuable opportunity to share her Special Olympics experiences, acted as emcee in Special Olympics Hong Kong events and also helped organize athlete leadership related activities.

As an experienced athlete leader, Candy does not hesitate to contribute what she has learned to help fellow athletes develop the skills needed to become a leader. She is now working in a convenience store when she can show her leadership abilities. Her thoughtfulness and dedication towards the development of athlete leadership will help the Special Olympics movement to achieve more goals in the years to come.

Global Athlete Leadership Council
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