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Young man jumping with his arms up in celebration while two young men behind him give one another a high-5.
Pledge for Inclusion
Take the Inclusion Pledge
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Take our Inclusion Pledge at help Special Olympics reach our goal of 1M pledges by 2022. The pledge is a symbolic act to show your support to inclusion for people of all abilities.
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Today, I am pledging my support for @SpecialOlympics vision for a more inclusive world! Join me, share your intent for change & take the #InclusionRevolution pledge: #SO12DaysOfInclusion

Support Special Olympics - Sign the Inclusion Pledge

Together we have the power and determination to ensure no one is forgotten during this critical time around the world.
I pledge to look for the lonely, the isolated, the left out, the challenged and the bullied.
I pledge to overcome the fear of difference and replace it with the power of inclusion.
I #ChooseToInclude
Special Olympics invites you to join us in our 12 Days of Inclusion campaign. 
Support Special Olympics to ensure we can continue provide valuable resources to promote inclusion or people of all abilities now and in the future.