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Partners of the Movement


Young man in a white tank top with two thin black stripes, on either side and black running shorts; he's finishing a race with his hands up and index fingers pointing up (#1) with an expression of success/victory; his bib number reads 539

Verizon is proud to support Special Olympics’ Inclusion Revolution and the Game Changers broadcast special, a series of stories that showcases the perseverance, positivity and bravery of Special Olympics athletes and the dedication of coaches, volunteers and supporters. Each inspiring story highlights the power of inclusion and calls on audiences to #ChoosetoInclude. Through its Humanability campaign, Verizon aims to empower people with the ability to do more in this world. Humanbility focuses on using technology to bring people together and create greater efficiences. Verizon's technology helps to transform ground-breaking ideas into reality including helping people do more in schools, in the workplace and in communities around the world.