WWE Superstar and Special Olympics Ambassador The Big Show poses for a picture with Special Olympics Athlete Garrie Barnes

Garrett "Garrie" Barnes

I have worked at Special Olympics for 20 years. I am the receptionist and work two hours a day in the Legal Department. I have been a Special Olympics Maryland athlete for 19 years. The sports I compete in are swimming, open water swimming and kayaking. This year, I am trying a new sport - dance. I also love going to the beach with my family.
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Garrie Barns at Special Olympics standing behind the receptionists desk.
Why is it so hard to have to stay home when you are used to getting out and about, riding the metro, and feeling a sense of freedom? Because of COVID-19, we are staying home so that we can protect those who are vulnerable to the disease. We are all so used to being active, outgoing, human beings, by being at home, we are losing that.
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