Kristin Hughes Srour head shot; she has a black top with red geometric lined patters.

Kristin Hughes Srour, M.B.A.

Kristin is Senior Director of Global Health Programs at Special Olympics. She is passionate about #inclusivehealth and ensuring people with intellectual disabilities have access to health care, resources and services.
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Athlete, Stephanie Handojo, demonstrating proper hand washing techniques to young children.
The world changed in 2020. Isolation, fear, overloaded health systems, and food insecurity continue to plague the world through the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has especially made things difficult for people with intellectual disabilities (ID). Significant health disparities have been further exacerbated for those with ID. Special Olympics Health has been working hard to address these disparities.
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A young girl is washing her hands from a  water jug and young children are around watching her.
As the world rallies around Global Handwashing Day, it is important to bring awareness to those who face barriers and challenges around hygiene and handwashing.
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A young boy on the left hold a mother figures hand; a young girl with crutches dressed in floral and pink in the center; a young man with two canes standing and smiling.
Around the world, there are one billion people who live with disabilities. Currently, the global health community is working toward two, ambitious goals for 2030.
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Athletes, leaders, and volunteers sitting down one next to another in a small group along a wall.
Special Olympics recognizes the urgent need for improved access to health care and disease prevention programs for people with intellectual disabilities.
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Young woman shows a young girl how to properly wash her hands while other young girls look on.
This story originally appeared in the Global Handwashing Partnership website.
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