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Renee Dease

Coordinator, Healthy Athletes, Health Programs at Special Olympics International. Renee has been with Special Olympics for 36 years.

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Exceptional Parent Magazine Highlights Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s Legacy of Creating Inclusive Health Opportunities for Millions

Special Olympics longstanding employee, Renee Dease, recounts her time working with Eunice Kennedy Shriver and how she witnessed the beginnings of inclusive health opportunities for millions.
1 Min Read

Strong Minds for Strange Times

Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Abby Resnick could no longer participate in competitions, coach floor hockey, and teach drum and tone for people with special needs. She started to look for new activities to do at home.
2 Min Read

Remarkable Drive

In Chicago, one of my responsibilities was to interview athletes, families, and volunteers. As a result, I had the great opportunity to write athlete stories of determination, loyalty, and bravery.
2 Min Read