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Eunice Kennedy Shriver holding an athletes arm up in victory. Eunice Kennedy Shriver holding an athletes arm up in victory.
Lesson 1: A Message of Hope, A Message of Victory
Eunice Kennedy Shriver gave the Charge to the Athletes at the Opening Ceremonies of the International Summer Special Olympics Games in South Bend, Indiana on August, 2, 1987.

Read and watch Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s “Charge to the Athletes”. Then take the quiz below!

“A Message of Hope, A Message of Victory”

1Tonight, in this great stadium, a new legend is born. You, athletes, are the heroes of that legend. Here, where crowds once cheered for Johnny Lujack and George Gipp: for Joe Theisman and Rocky Bleier, tonight they cheer for you.

4You are the stars and the world is watching you. By your presence you send a message to every village, every city, every nation. A message of hope. A message of

7"The right to play on any playing field?

You have earned it.

9The right to study in any school?

You have earned it.

11The right to hold a job?

You have earned it?

13The right to be anyone's neighbor?

You have earned it."

15The days of segregation and separation are over!

You Special Olympians have thrilled us on the playing fields of the world. You have taught us that what matters is not power or politics, weapons or wealth. What truly counts is the courageous spirit, the generous heart.

19Like the heart of the mother whose daughter is special. She walked with her child 16 miles each week from her village to the coach who taught her daughter how to run. This mother is in the stadium tonight and tomorrow, with the world watching, she will see her daughter race in the 200-meter dash. 

"A Message of Hope, A Message of Victory"
An excerpt from Eunice Kennedy Shriver's famous remarks at the 1987 Special Olympics World Summer Games in South Bend, Indiana, USA.

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A Message of Hope, A Message of Victory
1 of 7:  What is a synonym for segregation? Look in the text and choose the best answer.