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Eunice Kennedy Shriver and Maria Shriver
Lesson 4: Eunice Kennedy Shriver and Core Value, Lower Level
“Our CORE VALUES can help anchor us!" Learn about Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s core values and how it shaped the Special Olympics mission.

Watch Hailey and Diego’s Unified Talks episode below. Then, read about core values and Eunice Kennedy Shriver to help you answer the questions.
Unified Talks: Identity at Warren High School
For our latest episode of Unified Talks, we've journeyed to Warren High School in Southern California! Warren is a Special Olympics National Banner School.

  • What are Core Values?

    Core values are a part of our “unseen identity”. This means our core values are can’t be seen, like the color of our hair. Others will learn our values when they get to know us.

    Core values are the “root beliefs” of a person. They help you when you have to make choices. They guide your behaviors and actions. They help you when times are hard. They help you when you go through a change. 

    Think of a tree. The roots are deep underground and can’t be seen. We know they are there, but can’t see them unless you dig in the dirt. Those roots keep the tree in place during tough weather. They help the tree grow strong toward the sky. 

    Your core values are strong like tree roots.

    Core Values

    Core Values
    An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.
    Core Values
    Traits or qualities that are not just worthwhile, they represent an individual's or an organization's highest priorities, deeply held beliefs, and core, fundamental driving forces.
    The fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim.
    An act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.
    The way in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially toward others.

Why are core values compared to a tree?

Flip the cards and see if your answer matches!
Eunice with three people

Because values are unseen, just like a tree’s roots.

Eunice smiling

Because values help you grow tall and strong like a tree.

Eunice with Nelson Mandela and two others.

Because values can be seen, like the leaves on a tree.


More about Eunice Kennedy Shriver's Core Values

1Mrs. Shriver believes in playing and being healthy. Growing up, she played sports and games with her little sister. She had an intellectual disability (ID). This didn't stop her. She could still play. She could still be healthy. Later, Eunice created sports camps for other kids with disabilities. She wanted to help them have a healthy life, too.

2Eunice thought everyone should be together in events. She believes everyone should have equal chances to do things. She created camps for kids with and without ID to play together. She created the Special Olympics Summer Games. This gave kids with ID chances to compete in sports games.

3She worked hard to make her dreams come true. She didn't stop! She worked with people to run a summer camp for kids with ID. She worked with others to organize the Special Olympics Summer Games. They all worked together to create Special Olympics.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver skiing with an athlete.
Lesson 4: Core Values through Actions
1 of 3:  Which of Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s core values is displayed in paragraph 1?