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A Letter from Ban Ki-moon

Dr. Mr. Shriver,

I am writing to extend my sincere condolences on the death of your wife.

Her warm kindness, genuine compassion and stalwart activism earned her countless admirers around the world, including myself and many others here at the United Nations.

We cherish a special appreciation for her advocacy on behalf of the disabled, which extended not only across the United States but around the world.

Her global vision in championing this cause contributed to great progress in the way societies and ultimately the world viewed the disabled, culminating in the adoption last year of the landmark United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

I have a strong sense that the two of you as a couple were not only deeply dedicated to each other but also to a life of public service for the greater good.

At this painful time, I hope you can draw comfort in knowing that your wife's spirit endures in the hearts of the millions of people she touched in her lifetime and the many more her legacy will benefit in the future.

I wish you strength and courage in coping with this loss.

Yours sincerely,

BAN Ki-moon

Secretary-General of the United Nations