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A Letter from Fernando Ceballos

Dear Brady Lum,

When I read your e-mail with the sad news, I couldn't believe it. Knowing that Mrs. Shriver was in critical condition didn't take out our hope for her recovery.

I know that for you is a very tough moment, being part of her family at SOI and being so close to Tim. But with your efforts and the rest of us, we can continue to fulfill her dream.

I met Mrs.Shriver just once, here in Honduras 10 years ago, but I remember that day every time I'm involved with an athlete, a coach, a parent, or a volunteer of SO. She changed my life as you know.

Please receive our sympathy, in name of Special Olympics Honduras, its board, athletes, coaches, volunteers, and families.

Best regards,

Fernando Ceballos

Olimpiadas Especiales Honduras