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A Letter from Joanna Despotopoulou

Our beloved Eunice Kennedy Shriver

You inspired us all,

You have showed us the way,

You gave meaning to the lives of all those who are different,

You taught us how to create an environment of respect and acceptance for all.

Thanks to you, the flame of hope will be burning in eternity.

And from now on,

You will be the wind to take us to new heights

Oh God! How much we will miss you at the Athens 2011 Special Olympics Games...!!!

But we know for sure that you will be there next to the Athletes of the world since these Games will be dedicated to the most extraordinary woman I have ever met.

On behalf of the Entire Special Olympics family of Greece,

Joanna Despotopoulou

President, Special Olympics Hellas

President, Organizing Committee Special Olympics World Summer Games ATHENS 2011