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A Letter from Scott Hamilton

I was thinking the other day when it was that I met Eunice Kennedy Shriver. It was a strange thing that I couldn't remember the exact moment. How can you not remember?

She is bigger than life! She has touched more people than anyone I have ever met. And I can't remember the moment I first met her?

I guess it's because I feel like I have always known her.

There is something unique about Mrs. Shriver that made me completely comfortable with her every time I was in her presence.

She is one of those amazing human beings that has the ability to "bring you in" and make you a part of her world.

In doing that she becomes part of who you are. This usually only happens when you share DNA. When you are family.

Mrs. Shriver has made the world her family and wants everyone to act accordingly.

We are all in this tiny great big world together and by leading the way she has. The only way she knows how. She has changed the world like no one else in world history.

I love her. I admire her. I am thrilled and honored to have been a part of her mission. Her life. Her world.

And to see what she has built. As big as it is. I know so much more is going to happen.

And people will wonder when this amazing woman came along.

Because they don't know the world any other way.

Thank you Mrs. Shriver!