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Government Official

A Letter from Prince Ra'ad Bin Zeid

We feel that not only the Shriver's, or the Kennedy's lost a dear and ever giving lady, we, in Special Olympics Jordan, and, all the world share with you that loss.
1 Min Read

A Letter from Lindy Boggs

We all know Eunice Shriver's landmark work with the Special Olympics, but she was also a great politician and a great "gal."
1 Min Read

A Letter from Congressman Roy Blunt, In Memoriam

Through the years that I worked with her to assist the Special Olympics, I learned a lot about determination and grit.
1 Min Read

A Letter from Taoiseach Brian Cowen

Her inspiration and drive will live on - in athletes, in volunteers, in parents and in all who knew her.
1 Min Read

A Letter from Senator Harry Reid

Her vision to create the Special Olympics gave hope, dignity and inspiration to millions of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.
1 Min Read

A Letter from President Olafur Grimsson

Eunice was a great global leader, a visionary who transformed our times, gave humankind a new perspective.
1 Min Read

A Letter from Vice President Joe Biden

Today, thanks to Eunice and countless other dedicated individuals she inspired, Special Olympics serves over 3 million athletes with intellectual disabilities in every corner of the globe.
2 Min Read

A Letter from President Mary McAleese

Eunice Kennedy Shriver was a visionary who founded the Special Olympics and devoted her life to creating a better and more inclusive world for people with disability.
1 Min Read

A Letter from Taoiseach Patrick Bartholomew "Bertie" Ahern

But Eunice was always clear that the purpose of Special Olympics was not the staging of spectacle for its own sake.
1 Min Read

A Letter from Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro

She was an extraordinary woman who accomplished so much for men and women with intellectual disabilities and others in need.
1 Min Read