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Face-to-Face Fundraising

Have you seen Special Olympics Fundraisers in your Neighborhood?

Face-to-Face fundraising, or canvassing, is a form of personal fundraising that allows our donors to hear about the life-changing work that Special Olympics does every day to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Special Olympics uses trusted, professional fundraising agencies to engage with our supporters in cities across the country. Signing up recurring donors allows us to plan and provide training and competition for people with intellectual disabilities all year long.

A canvasser holding Special Olympics materials.

Why does Special Olympics do neighborhood fundraising?

Face-to-face fundraising in your community is a personal and effective way for Special Olympics to engage with people, answer questions, and inspire new donors to support Special Olympics. Through meaningful one-on-one conversations, we’re able to share more information about how Special Olympics has a life-changing impact on the lives of our athletes.
A canvasser standing at a table with Special Olympics branding.

How can I identify a legitimate Special Olympics fundraising professional?

Give Bridge and Globalfaces are the fundraising agencies that are helping Special Olympics acquire monthly donors in your community. They can be identified by their Special Olympics-branded lanyard and photo ID that has a unique fundraiser identification number. They will also be carrying a tablet with a Special Olympics-branded dashboard. When asked, they will direct you to this page.
Two canvassers standing at a table with Special Olympics branding.

Where are Special Olympics fundraisers?

Right now, you’ll find our fundraisers in Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, Chicago, and North Carolina. We may expand to more communities in the future!
A group of about 20 people standing together for a group photo.

Is my payment information safe and secure?

Yes! Our service providers maintain compliance with industry standards to ensure that your payment is safe and secure. Your data is encrypted and once it is processed, it is removed from the tablet.
A canvasser standing at a table with Special Olympics branded materials.

Do you accept cash gifts?

No, we do not accept cash or coin gifts. This helps protect both the donor and the fundraiser. If you wish to make a monthly gift, our fundraisers will accept Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and credit card payments.

Thank you for your support!

If you prefer to make a gift online, please donate here.