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Sports Partnerships

European Handball Federation

The European Handball Federation (EHF) , founded on 17 November 1991, is the umbrella organisation for handball in Europe and has 50 member federations and two associated federations. 

With headquarters in Vienna, Austria, the EHF’s responsibilities include the organisation and management of the world’s most high-profile and competitive handball competitions, including the EHF Champions League and EHF EURO events.

The EHF have signed a memorandum of understanding with Special Olympics Europe/Eurasia, in recognition of and with the intention of promoting and developing handball for people with intellectual disabilities. 

The memorandum was signed on 19 February, 2020 by EHF President Michael Wiederer and SOEE President and CEO David Evangelista. The memorandum will continue into the foreseeable future, with no end date. 

The memorandum of understanding involves cooperation regarding the preparation of materials and content to be delivered through both parties’ networks, regular communication and information sharing for upcoming programmes and initiatives, identification of potential areas for cooperation, and mutual advice and support. 

The EHF and Special Olympics Europe/Eurasia also agree to support each other’s respective endeavours, including programmes and events, and to promote the initiative through their media channels. 

The signing of this memorandum comes as a result of visible interest in handball for players with intellectual disabilities, from players, spectators and more.